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by Louder Now.

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Produced and engineered by Mike Dwyer at The Bunker Studios.


released November 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Louder Now. Albany, New York

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Track Name: Zak's Song
This melody is flannel shirts
and Newports hanging off of my self-worth
and the summer feeling in the words you said
clashes with the canvas of fiery red.
We've fallen in love with the inside of our shells
Sticking our necks out to see if this life went well
Let me tell you, we didn't have much to say
We're full of shit, and we claim we were born this way.

They failed to harmonize
so they pushed me to quietly realize
that there's nothing left here for me.
I don't know who I am, or where I've been
but they're bending over backwards to get under my skin
and kill the boy that they don't see
It's not that easy being me.

I've been getting high and pretending I'm Jesus Christ
Preaching to the choir on the off chance that I'm right.
I'm losing my head, trying to color inside these lines
Screaming my lungs out to see if I'm worth your time
Tell me, am I worth your time?

I've always been an animal, I've always been a freak
I found the God in your standard always made me feel so weak
I always end up breaking, but I can't seem to change
I've always been too fucking strange for you.
Track Name: When Harry Left Sally (ft. Alexis Jordan Hawsey)
Dancing on these wisps of grey
trying to forget the way you say:
"It feels like we're falling apart, my dear.
And loving a lie has always been my greatest fear."
Well I'm depending on the pit in my stomach
for a little piece of insight
retracing my steps with the roadmap etched
on the inside of my thigh.

Phantom blisters on my feet
from dancing on deceiving streets
you need me like a broken wrist
the pain is gone, I'm hardly missed
it feels like we're falling apart.

The night unfolds around me
not a soul in sight
I only see little bits of you
in the boy who made his first and only move.
He doesn't have the gap in your teeth.
His words don't shine from underneath.
But he's safe, he's strong, he's easy to please.
He's the needle and the thread to sow your heart on your sleeve.

I'm desperate for a love
that doesn't turn with the tide.
The distance was destructive
and the hunger in your eyes is telling me
(*telling me)
I'm no good for your heart
I'm killing us
I'm poisonous
it feels like we're falling apart.
Track Name: The Ballad of Lee Shlomo
I'm only tired in the sense that I'm tired of existing.
To move along with no purpose at all, simply drifting
It's so damn sad.

I pretend I'm fine with disdain in their gaze,
but the mask I've made doesn't sit well on my face.
I'd give it all to fit in, even only for a day,
or at least feel like I'm standing out in all the right ways.

The only treatment is time
wait a couple more years, you'll be fine.
It feels like I've been sick forever
and I can't really do this anymore.

Forgive me, father
for I can't be a ghost with a beating heart.
Another night in the company of voices in my head
Another day spent wishing I were dead
or anything but this.
Anything to take this feeling away.

I'm sick of their stares
They couldn't care enough to turn their heads away.
I'm the color of the cage that we're locked in,
and they've forgotten what the sound of my voice is
In their eyes, I've been six feet deep
since the bell first rang.

Don't dwell on the things that make you imperfect,
keep this close to your heart: you are never worthless.